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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  June 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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>>two year-old jeremiah carter remains hospitalized ... neighbors are relieved that he was not seriously hurt ... the apartment building is supposedly abandoned ... now his future has had fallen into the hands of the dcfs ... it is a 20 ft. drop and the boy survived by somehow missing that big rock that fits just below the window ... neighbors found him on the
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ground at 9:00 last night they say he was left alone in the apartment with the window open ... neighbors say are dealing with hard times ... this morning building inspectors made a beeline into the apartment complex ... it has been abandoned but neighbors say that the situation inside has always been unclear >>i have always heard noises in that building i assume people live in the back and maybe the front wasn't being utilized ... it turns out the woman and her son were living in the front of the apartment building with her boyfriend there was a sea of garbage and little furniture inside the apartment ... neighbors had called authorities but there was never any response
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... word has it the board was asleep when the couple went out for something to eat for a few minutes ... their return to find a police they're waiting to arrest the mother ... neighbors are hoping this building will finally clear of squatters ... >>this baby never would have been in this building had the officials acted boarding up that building ... that is likely to happen now ... please see people removing personal items from this building ... the buildings department says there were numerous complaints against the owner and he was encouraged to get things to code many many times ... there's a court date july 11th ...
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a prisoner who escaped from authorities on the near west side... is now back in custody. 23 year-old alex bell took-off from stroger hospital around four o'clock this morning. he ran-off after his guard apparently left him alone. he was caught at montrose and long on the northwest side around 8-50. he is serving a six-year sentence for burglary, and is living in a half-way house. bell will now face escape charges. charges have been filed against a northlake couple accused of binding and kansas last week. adolfo and deborah gomez are charged with child abuse and endangering their children. police in kansas arrested them last week after two of thier kids were found tied up and blindfolded outside their s-u-v in a walmart parking lot.. three other children were also in the vehicle. all the children are now in temporary custody. the gomez family was living in northlake before their trip. neighbors say the family told them they sold their possessions and left because the world was coming to an end. the ex-wife of dwyane wade is fighting again with the n-b-a star over their two children. siohvaughn funches wade was arrested last weekend for not letting their children leave for a flight to miami for father's day. she's now charged with misdemeanor child abduction and
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resisting arrest. dwyane wade is a native of south suburban robbins. he was given sole custody of his sons in march of last year. last night, wade's attorneys asked a judge to suspend his ex-wife's visitation rights. then *her* attorneys filed a motion that said they don't want to represent her anymore. a man whose friend drowned in lake county is now charged with fleeing the scene. eric oomens, is charged with failure to comply with requirements involving an accident. oomens and richard stoneking were swimming in "gages lake" monday night, when their pontoon boat drifted away. oomens swam to shore and told a resident he was looking for his friend ... before running off. stoneking's body was recovered yesterday afternoon. chicago police are asking for help finding a 15-year-old autistic teen who disappeared from comer's children's hospital in hyde park yesterday. gary kahil was last seen at the hospital wearing a white shirt with blue stripes and light blue jean shorts. police say kahil is autistic and nonverbal. he lives near 92nd and stony
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island and may be seen in that area. you are asked to call police if you have seen him. authorities have found the body of 79-year-old andrew haukereid (hawk' -ryd).. who disappeared last month during a train trip to chicago to celebrate his birthday. haukereid left his home in san antonio on may 19th aboard amtrak.. and he was last seen that same night in little rock. his body was found saturday along train tracks near knobel, arkansas. a medical examiner identified the body by matching a gold tooth to haukereid's dental records. the cause of death is still undetermined.. the local sheriff does *not* suspect foul play. three years after a grave reselling scandal at burr oak cemetery, the final payments from a lawsuit are being mailed out. but for many families, the checks are only reopening the old emotional wounds. wgn's jae miller is live in alsip with more.
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more than 5000 people joined lawsuits class-action lawsuits against the owners of bur oak cemetery they received payments but some were shocked when they saw the amount of those pavements some were as small as $50 ... >>that's not fair to anyone your loved one may be gone but they're not forgotten ... this franklin family are among the many whose loved ones graves were desecrated in a scandal uncovered july 2009 ... her to dance and her cousin were buried here of the 31 gravesite has been accounted for the ordeal was more painful after receiving such a low settlement check some people received 100 checks or $50 checks ... for workers were digging up graves dumping the
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remains in reselling those grave sites ... the owner of the cemetery pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison ... for grave site workers await trial and are due in court this month ... many of these people received a letter with a short deadline from attorneys in order to settle ... >>we had to take the hundred dollars or nothing. that's the way it was ...
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others received higher settlements ... there is ongoing pain because many family members are still trying to find a grave sites of other family members whose remains are missing now ... some people settled for about $3,300 provided they had documentation of extensive loss ... at any rate is low settlements are not helpful to those who want to relocate their loved ones' remains chicago's polish museum of america is getting back artifacts that were stolen decades ago. the f-b-i is returning more than 120 items that are worth about five million dollars. the items were taken from the museum in the 70's and 80's, but they were found last year in a home on the northwest side. so far ... no one has been charged with stealing the artifacts. over in greece.. but there are tackle their massive debt crisis.
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plus - attorneys for jerry sandusky rest their case today -- without the former penn state coach taking the stand.. and later - details on groupon's at wrigley field.
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following months of political uncertainty .... greece has a new prime minister to tackle the naton's crushing debt crisis. antonis samaras .... leader of the center-right "new democracy party" .... was sworn in today. his inauguration came after his party reached a deal with the opposition "democracy party" to form a new coalition government. greece has been without an elected government for 223 days. the new government will try to pull the country out of a financial mess that threatens to drag down europe's common currency and spark a new global financial crisis. there are conflicting reports about the health of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. the state-run middle east news agency reported mubarak was declared clinically dead shortly after arriving late last night at a military hospital in cairo.. after suffering a stroke and cardiac arrest earlier in the day. but a member of the supreme council of the armed forces told c-n-n, the 84-year-old former president is *not* clinically dead.. though he is in critical condition and his health is deteriorating. mubarak's attorneys say he's off life support and in a coma.
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a six-hour hostage stand-off in france is over. a man who held several people against their will at a bank is now in custody. the man apparently claimed allegiance to al-qaeda. he said he took the four people hostage for religous reasons and not for money. authorities ended the stand-off when they captured him. the man was slightly injured and none of the hostages are hurt. back in march in the same town, a gunman with ties to al-qaeda killed three jewish children a rabbi, and three military members. president obama exerts executive privilege in the so- called "fast and furious" investigation. a house committee is looking into a federal operation... that tried to sell guns to firearms dealers along the u-s... mexico border... to trace them to drug cartels. but, one of the guns was used to kill a u.s. border patrol agent. despite the president's move, the panel is expected to pass today a contempt resolution against attorney general eric holder. it claims he hasn't handed over the documents it has requested. if the resolution passes then the entire house would vote on whether to hold him in contempt.
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though lawyers hinted he might... the defense in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial rested their case today without calling the former penn state coach to testify. trial experts say testifying would have been a gamble... because it could provide an opening for prosecutors to introduce new evidence against sandusky. court observers pointed to a previously unreleased portion of an interview sandusky gave to nbc news last november. prosecution said it had no further rebuttal witnesses. the judge scheduled closing arguments to begin tomorrow morning. sandusky is charged with 51
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counts of sex abuse against 10 boys. a local wrestler has his eyes on olympic gold. coming up - we'll tell you about the oak park man who will be the youngest wrestler at the summer olympics in london but his mother might not make there to see him compete. and later in lunchbreak, a summer salad that is an entire meal. we are grilling up fruit and pork tenderloin to make the salad.
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home values rose for a third month prices were up half a percent in may and rents increased and more than three- quarters of the market including chicago home values here however are still down ... here's a way
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to boost home prices cut the crime in your neighborhood and new report from the center for american progress says a 10 percent cut in homicides will increase residential value in the chicago area the direct annual cost of violent crime totals $1.1 billion ... although theft is on the decline data from the fbi the national insurance crime burrow said this has dropped four and eight straight year ... probably because of enhanced security ... many americans are satisfied with one former chicago resident 45% surveyed in a bloomberg paul said they are better off now than they were before president obama took office ... this is a lift to the reelection campaign for the president ... taking a quick
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look at the markets stocks are trading a bit higher in a bit of their reversal after the fed said it will expand its program to stimulate the economy and improve markets ... economic conditions according to experts will say interest rates will be kept low at least through 2014 ... groupon wants to set a world record - and theyre enlisting the blues brothers to make it happen. the website is selling tickets for a showing of the blues brothers movie on july sixth at wrigley field. everyone who shows up will get a pair of sunglasses. with those souvenir shades - groupon will aim to set the record for most people wearing sunglasses in the dark. tickets cost between 20 and 100 dollars. groupon last hosted a movie night at wrigley last year - that's when 10-thousand people turned out to see ferris buellers day off.
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coming up: america's growing diabetes problem has yet another side effect. the eye disease that effecting millions of americans and how it's linked to diabetes. and up next -- how one community is coming together to help this local wrestler who is taking his amazing "flying squirrel" move to the summer olympics.
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an oak park river forest high school grad will be the youngest wrestler competing at the london olympics. this weekend, a fundraiser will be held for 20year-old ellis coleman. wgn's randi belisomo is live outside his high school to tell us about it. randi? take a look at his face ... you will be seeing a lot more of him this summer he is training in colorado springs as the and this member of the olympic wrestling team ... we sat down with his mother raised his brother and sister and him on his own ... his father is in prison ...
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there's an effort to get the ellis coleman family to london for the olympics has mother works in a call center she has her passport but no ticket to london ... since graduating from high school in 2009 he has been training ... his chances are good for winning a medal his coach says he's the hardest working athlete that he has ever known ... there is a fund-raiser sunday in forest park ... his mom extends the invitation ... >>everyone who's been there for him has been phenomenal for me ... >>if you are to take the 300
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olympians on this team many of them probably have financial support and privileged access ellis coleman is a self made man. he's been lucky to have people in his life but he has worked hard to create that look as well ... >>he is a very grateful young man ... he's highly appreciative you really want to do things for him ... doc ryans in forest park is the venue... ellis colemanot sfilodour
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a little break from this heat? >>certainly. we will get a good northeast wind and cold pleasant canadian air and what a break that will be this has been an amazingly warm month it is the warmest month of june in a quarter-century ... 1987 was warmer than this ... it is the first official day of summer ... the longest day. we will have over 15 hours of daylight today ... no rain in today's forecast ...
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but there are big storms erupt into the north and west of chicago duluth minnesota was flooded last nine ... yet much of the chicago area is desperately dry. the upper midwest northern and lower michigan has a surplus of grain but much of our chicago area is desperately dry ... there were tornado watches hailstones and damaging winds up in minnesota last night ... over 6 in. in the last 24 hours in some places ... as well as wisconsin just over 3
12:31 pm
in. ... we're looking at some other cities around the metropolitan area ... the bottom line is we need that rain ... it looks like storms will fall apart as they reach the chicago area ... this will be the 13th day of 90 degree temperatures here ... we have been producing days like this aforetime c average rate ... it is quite amazing ... let's
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take a look at nebraska now down 30 degrees ... relief is on the way ... let's take a look at that jet stream ... he'd advisory's are up in all of those eastern seaboard cities ... by friday we will be warm and comfortable with low humidity ... currently is 90 degrees at o'hare airport when disgustingthe wind is gusting and the heat index is are in the low 90s ... back in 1995 we had two points
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in the low 80's that was a terrible summer here in chicago ... the wind is southwest its 16 ... the water temperature at the shoreline is at 68 degrees there are high mold spore counts and low pollen counts from grasses and weeds ... morton grove is 90 degrees 101 degrees here on the northwest side outside of our wgn studio ... the forecast 20% or less thunderstorm possibility we will be cooler than normal going into next week ...
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mostly sunny today 94 degree high temperatures this afternoon ... 26 mi. per hour wind ... partly cloudy windy and warmer tonight could be a thunderstorm by the morning ... that won't break the heat however ... we expect a thunderstorm early tomorrow 87 degrees by the afternoon it will be sunshine and comfort on friday ...
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time for sports: the crosstown classic had record- low attendance again last night, while the cubs managed to do something they have not acheived since 2007. a little more than 30,000 on hand for game two at the cell. sox up 1-0 in the the third... geovany soto grounds one to third, but orlando hudson's throw to first is off, and soto is safe. a couple batters later... david dejesus singles to right and two runs score... jake peavy only allowed one earned run in nine innings. still 2-1 in the fifth... alejandro de aza bloops one, and starlin castro chases it down for the nice catch. cubs win 2-1 to secure their first series win on the south side since 2007. while peavy gets a complete game loss. >>it was nice to finally win a one run game ... it was a well
12:39 pm
played game we scored two runs ... >>from the beginning we knew we would have a game plan two through 120 pitches a wish it could of been different i think the missed something ... you can catch game three of the crosstown classic tonight at 7 right here on wgn . the sox will be without their opening day starter for the near future. john danks won't make a minor league rehab start for another three to four weeks. an mri revealed a strain in his shoulder muscle, but he won't need surgery. the sox moved pitcher zach stewart down to triple-a and recalled pitcher dylan axelrod. blackhawks g.m. stan bowman says marian hossa is starting his summer training program, and still improving from the severe concussion that ended his season. hossa and steve montador are both recovering from concussions, and bowman says he's optimistic both guys will be ready for training camp in a few months. bowman will be in pittsburgh this weekend for the nhl draft.
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get ready for the final round of our breakthrough band contest. we had more 90 bands enter you submitted your votes and now we are down to our top two favorite bands: *years* and *blood red boots* tune in to the wgn midday news this friday june 22nd to watch the bands face off to win studio recording time valued at ten thousand dollars, and a winning gig at the at the arboretum of south barrington music fest this weekend, june 23rd-24th. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. here are the winning pick three numbers: 2 8 5
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 7 8 3 2 the power ball jackpot is $50 million
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it's time to get going. to get your feet moving to the beat. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's and feel the energy from your feet up. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, you'll want to get up and go. the city of evanston has confirmed its first batch of mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus. the mosquitoes were collected on monday. the illinois department of public health has said that the warmer temperatures in the spring would produce higher levels of mosquitoes throughout the area. state health officials started seeing cases in animals in the suburbs last month. no people have tested positive for west nile virus, so far this year.
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in medical watch.. the impact of health care reform on young adults. more than 3.1 million young americans now have health insurance.. thanks in part to a provision in the health care reform law that allows parents to add dependents up to age 26 to their insurance plans. since that provision took effect, health officials say the proportion of adults aged 19 through 25 with insurance increased to 75 percent.. up from 64 percent. adults under 30 are least likely to have health insurance.. either because they can't afford coverage, or because they choose not to in order to save money. nearly 26 million americans now have diabetes.. and the growing epidemic is leading to more cases of an eye disease known as diabetic retinopathy. the disease develops when high blood sugar causes small blood vessels to swell and leak into the retina.. blurring vision. and sometimes leading to blindness. there was an 89 percent increase in the number of people with diabetic retinopathy during
12:46 pm
the first decade of the 21st century. about seven and three quarter million people aged 40 and older now have diabetic retinopathy. night shifts may leave you restless but they can also increase chances of breast cancer. french researchers studied more than 1200 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 2005 and 2007 they found that working nights increase women's chances for the disease by 30 percent. the link was stronger in women who worked at night before their first pregnancy than in women who started working nights later in life. the scientists said the disruption of "body clock" genes and sleep deprivation could be possible causes for the incresed risk. lunchbreak is next. we are making a fresh summer salad with several ingredients cooked on the grill. pñx@w@
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it's time for a lunchbreak... chef brandon paige from the park grill restaurant is here with us today. welcome. you have lots of great flavors here and healthy ingredients >>definitely >>i cannot believe in this temperature you are burning the grill out here ... >>we have marinated pork and a few different types of chili powder its ground up is mixed together for some kick we will put the pork on the grill ... we
12:50 pm
have summer stone fruit ... for grilling ... nectarines, peaches all good this year they're naturally sweet so you do not need to add any sweetener or sugars ... the hotter weather gets the sweeter they ought to bay ... we will grill them flesh side down on the barbecue we want those great marks on them. i am not putting well and anythingoil on anything ... you can leave the fruit on for about three maybe four minutes ...
12:51 pm
you can service warm or cold i also grilled shallots ... cherries and cranberries are also good to toss in with the grilled fruit ... we have wonderful fresh basil ... and we have the type of watercress that has some peppery flavor upling cress variety
12:52 pm
salt and pepper vinegar olive oil all to be tossed ... you won't even need any sauce. how long in advance to you need to prepare this? >>anywhere from one or three hours ahead ... you need to let the poor crest when it is fully cooked you can do this in many different ways ... we like to serve the pork in one piece and carve it at the table ... the
12:53 pm
salad goes on the side ... they're wonderful colors in this salad. tweet use fig vinegar it's as sweet as the balsamic variety we like to drizzle that over the entire dish >>the proceeds to our next event goes to the chicago special olympics ... it ought to be fun with great drinks great food tickets are now available at the door the park grill is hosting the fifth annual "chefs on the grill" event to benefit the
12:54 pm
special olympics. that's tonight from 5:30-9:00 p.m. the cost is $90. per person.. its all for a good cause... and tickets available at the door. 14 different restaurants are participating in this event. >>it's a wonderful event and this is a wonderful recipe and for more information on today's recipe or to watch the segment again.. log on to thank you very much ñv
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and now the answer for today's the highest point in the contiguous united states is in b.) california. c.) wyoming. the answer: b.) california. mount whitney in california is the highest point in the contiguous united states. otherwise it would be mount mckinley in alaska ... 90 degrees but there is relief on the way ... the east coast is under heat advisory. the men did you hear will drop in the next couple of days the chicago shoreline temperature is currently 68
12:58 pm
degrees look at these heat advisory is in effect from washington d.c. to philadelphia to boston york upstate and it the rest of new england ... and in the southwest the wild fires are still a problem ... we will see some scattered thunderstorms by tomorrow morning ... tomorrow the temperatures will begin to drop along with the humidity ... we will be into the 80s and very comfortable by friday ...
12:59 pm
we are taking a look at those basicbig stormy rains and flooding and hailstones up near minnesota last night ... we expect some beautiful weather by the weekend but we may get some thunderstorms on sunday ... temperatures may drop to the '70s by then ... we have a cool comfortable week to look far to foreword to earlier it next week


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